Lead Generation

For generations, lead generation was one area that was always looked upon as an inside function of the companies, which only the companies themselves could handle efficiently, because of the secretive nature of the information and to avoid leakage of any important information about the prospects to the company’s competitors.

But, with changing times, and the need for finding quality markets and buyers worldwide, more and more companies are hiring professionals like us to do this important job of Lead Generation for them.

At One Touch Solutions, this service function forms a key area of solutions that we offer. The critical factors involving Lead Generation are addressed in a stream lined way

Firstly, our experienced team works with you to understand your company’s products, services in order to represent you professionally.
Based on the product nature, pricing, usage and other key criterion, we then create a list of prospects which are important to your business objectives.
Leads are generated most effectively for many products in single sales call. Read more on this important service area provided by One Touch Solutions
Business to Business Telemarketing
telemarketing business to business
One Touch Solutions offers Inbound Call Centers Services that offers the customer a variety of inbound sales services. That not only helps the client generate more business but also helps take an otherwise tedious load off his shoulders. This then, leaves him with enough time, to turn his attention to other, more important aspects of his organization that he would normally not have the time for.

One Touch Solutions with a team of highly professional staff of Tele – representatives, offers you a number of inbound call center and inbound telesales services like:

Find out more about our experience, how we work and who we work for.
Learn how you can remain fully in control of your project at all times.
We will tell you how we guarantee to represent your company in a fully professional manner.
Ask us about a pilot project to avoid any lock in and minimise your risk

Business to Customer Services
telemarketing business to business
Utilize our expertise to convert your prospective customers into valuable business. Our out bound call center services enable you to do just that and a lot more.

We generate the B2C leads by doing telemarketing in the areas specified by our clients.
Find out how we generate the qualified clients.
We will give you value for your money and will generate the potential leads for you.
We specialize in Financial, IT, Investments, Mortgage, Telecom, Energy, Publishing, Holidays, Improvement Sector, Real Estate.

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