Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound Telemarketing Services Outbound Telemarketing is a method of marketing in which salesperson uses the telephone to convince prospective customers to buy products or services offered by his company. Outbound Telemarketing also refers to anything related with the use of telephone, including Telesales.The use of telephone as media for marketing in making calls outside to perspective customers/buyers about the services/products of the company and convincing them about the features, can be classified as an Outbound Telemarketing Service. While the term outbound refers to the direction in which the calls are placed; which in this case are from tele-sales people to the customers outside.Outbound telemarketing is an effective way to approach customers and has proven to be very penetrative. It can be used as a separate marketing tool or combined with other forms of marketing to increase their effectiveness.
Outbound telemarketing is a unique marketing philosophy and requires a different set of skills, personnel management, costing, high levels of concentration and attitude.Outbound Telemarketing can be used to: 

Assess concurrency of databases 
Qualified Lead Generation
Build database lists 
Emphasize the effectiveness of other marketing initiatives 
Qualify appointment setting

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