Tips to Buy Jewelry Like A Jeweller

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Buying jewelry is not as easy as people can scam you. There are different types of jewelry scams are happening now around the world. So, what you need is to act as an expert. Never act like a novice while you are going to buy jewelry so that the salesperson never gets the chance to dominate you. If you show that you are nervous, the salesperson will get the chance to dupe you. Today, you will get certain tips to buy jewelry like professional Toronto jewellers. Read on to know more-

toronto jewellers

  1. Color Stones Are Treated

You need to know that there are no natural-colored gemstones in any jewelry stores and if you are buying any stone-fitted jewelry, you will get all treated color stones. If the salesperson says that the gemstones are naturally colored, he is lying to you. If you are buying natural pearls, then you should also be aware of the quality as the natural pearls are quite rare. There are lots of reputed jewelry houses that sell cultured pearls as natural pearls but beware of them.

  1. Always Suspect the Stone of a Set

Many of you love stone-fitted jewelry where small stones are fitted on a set of jewelry. While buying such a thing, you should ask the salesperson to clean the piece of jewelry well and then inspect it with your naked eye. Once you are done, you can ask for a loupe, a very small magnifying glass to inspect the piece of jewelry and the stones minutely. If the jeweler doesn’t allow you to do it, you have to think twice whether you buy from him of not.

toronto jewellers

  1. Hallmark Can Be Fake

If you think the stamp of Pt in platinum or 18k in gold jewelry is the ultimate criteria to have original metal, you are wrong. These stamps can be faked! How do you make a difference between white gold and platinum if you find an 18k stamp in both of them? White gold is shinier with a yellow tone and it will also be lighter than platinum. You can ask the owner of the jewelry shop about the history of the piece and its authenticity. You should also tell them that you will justify the authentication from an individual expert.

  1. You Should Not Buy at Your First Visit

At the first visit, you can go to the shop, check out the designs, take the card and leave without sharing any of your information. You need to do certain homework before buying and tally the price of the piece online. Also, you should bargain for the piece you are interested in before buying. You can also say that you are getting a better deal at some other shop.

toronto jewellers

  1. Jewelry Is Not an Investment

This is the advice that you will receive from the salesperson that jewelry is an investment. If you also get it, ask him to sign a paper by stating that he will buy it from you at a 5 percent increase in the price after a year. No jewelry shop will admit it and if so, it is not an investment.

Thus, you can be a pro like a jeweler while buying any piece of jewelry. Never see a diamond in the sunlight, don’t believe in certifications until you check it from the issuing agency, and also trust your intuition while buying jewelry.

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