Options Are Available For Custom Postcard Printing

Postcard dimensions have everything to do with the way you can use the postcards. The postcard must fit perfectly into the envelopes, and if it doesn’t, the contents of the postcard will not be revealed. You cannot hide postcards inside envelopes, and that is why postcard dimensions are very important. For many years, postcards were almost always used in mailing houses as well as post office. But recently, as postcards became much more popular, there has been an increased use of these postcards for marketing purposes as well as for sending direct mail advertisements and catalogues, just as they were in the past.


Postcard dimensions vary according to what you want to send and how you wish to distribute them. If you are using postcard apps for mailing, you can use standard postcard dimensions that can fit any envelope. For sending through catalogues or via email, you need to make sure the dimensions fit the specifications.

The most commonly used postcard sizes

These are standard postcard dimensions used for mailing postcards, they must meet all the requirements by the postal service. For mailing, the size must be large enough to hold all the contents, it is a good idea to consider this aspect, as you don’t want to receive an entire postcard, only to find out it is too big for the envelope or too small for the contents. The 4 x 6 postcards are great for mailing brochures, manuals, or other large items that need to fit into a larger envelope. These also fit inside regular-sized envelopes just like mail envelopes.

Postcard dimensions must meet all the printing requirements. Every printing company does this, but some only deal with specific types of postcard sizes, and you must be careful to only deal with a printing house that can meet your postcard dimensions needs. Some of these requirements include a white ink postcard stock, which is easier to handle and more professional-looking than colored stock. Make sure the printing house you use will provide white paper for your postcard dimensions request.

You can request the standard postcard dimensions in different formats. If you send a postcard through the internet, it is best to upload the image and get the dimensions from the resource. If you are printing it through the post office, simply ask what sizes are available, and if there are any special requirements. It’s important that your postcard dimensions are correct, and post offices are used to custom orders so they should be able to accommodate your requests.

When choosing your postcard dimensions, make sure you choose one that is standard, so your mailing will fit into all post offices. You can get special orders made for mailing to certain areas or to specific carriers. Ask what options are available for your mailing size, and also what additional options are available for your mailing size. For instance, many businesses have their own carrier options, such as priority mail, express mail, and overnight shipping. You may want to see what choices are available to you when choosing your postcard mailing size, so you can determine if you need this option or not. Some Post Office’s offer bulk mail services, which allow you to choose a large postcard mailing size and get additional discounts on additional mailings.


The cost to ship your postcard depends on the shipping options you have chosen. If you choose air postage, it will cost much less than the standard postcard size. If you choose priority mail, it will cost even less than standard postcard dimensions. Many places have online ordering capabilities, which make the whole process easy. It is important to ask what options are available for these services, because there may be a limitation on how many you can purchase at a time. Most printing companies can create custom postcards for any size and style, but some only do standard postcard printing.

Your direct mail campaigns should be informative, not promotional. When you focus on offering information that is helpful to your customers and potential customers, your chances of creating a positive customer experience are much higher. By taking the extra time to work with your printers and computer experts to create personalized postcards, you will help make sure your campaign reaches its goal.

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