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The ten-year strategic vision of healthcare organization for the coming decade shows an increasing focus on information technology visibility and management. Healthcare organizations across the world are investing in information technology services to increase patient access to electronic health records. The healthcare industry is adopting greater reliance on electronic patient records or EPR systems for secure, confidential electronic health records. As more hospitals and other medical facilities install EPR systems, they face unique challenges in migrating to the new system. It is important for these establishments to evaluate various options to ensure that their staffs can successfully adapt to the new system.

iLobby for Healthcare

Healthcare industry verticals are experiencing tremendous growth in terms of patient visits and the number of inpatient days. iLobby for Healthcare visitor management presents data regarding healthcare facility demographics, including staffing, patient flow, and expenditures. According to the latest research, there has been a significant shift in the country’s demographics, with many individuals living in large cities and commuting to the healthcare facility for routine care. The healthcare industry, as a whole, is experiencing rapid expansion in the south and west and slow growth in the north. Healthcare visitor management software can benefit from the need for accurate data analysis across the board and across different geographic regions.

The ten-year strategic plan of the healthcare system reveals the critical importance of analyzing the market size, demographics, and geographic expansion across the system. The research report also identifies several factors negatively affecting the growth of the vertical, such as vendor lock-ins, government procurement mandates, and the market size. Beyond these factors, it includes data coverage of both the past and present business situation to validate the predicted forecast figures presented in the report. Data analysis is vital for healthcare facility managers to understand and accurately predict future needs.

iLobby for Healthcare

Another important piece of research included a look at the travel trends and related data. Based on the US Census, the number of individuals living in the north America has consistently been on the rise. The market report identified that there have been significant population increases in the United States in every state and in the District of Columbia since the turn of the millennium. The analysis identifies that there is a strong correlation between the strength of a state’s economy and its national level of healthiness, along with its ability to attract and retain visitors.

Based on the US Census Bureau’s International Data Study, there are currently two types of healthcare visitation systems in use. One type targets the permanent resident populations of the United States. The second type is designed to target visitors from outside the United States, Canada, and some parts of Mexico. The global market report examines each of these market segments and provides the data used to determine appropriate staffing levels, operational expenses, and marketing strategies. Each of these strategies is then quantified, measured, and evaluated based on market size and the impact on the revenues of the visitor to the visitor’s destination.

The data provided by the research report is important and useful. It identifies that the global market for health care in the United States is increasing. The report further determined that there is a high correlation between health status and tourism, particularly in terms of international travel. With this information, healthcare providers can target their services based on the trends identified in this report and improve their ability to meet the needs of their patients.

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